Please all take a look at the first item, the “Springboard Notes.” The rest are presented as background, according to your interest.

MacArthur Documenting Learning Springboard notes.
  • Provides launching point for discussion to establish key themes and objectives.

Gee, J.P. (2010) Human action and social groups as the natural home of assessment: Thoughts on 21st century learning and assessment. In Valerie Shute & Betsy Becker, Eds., Innovative Assessment for the 21st Century: Supporting Educational Needs, New York: Springer.

  • Places notion of assessment in non-school and broader human activity context.

Michalchik, V. & Gallagher, L. (2010). Naturalizing assessment. Curator: The Museum Journal, 53(2).

  • Creates typology for reconsidering relationship of assessment to other ongoing activity.

Darling-Hammond, L. & Snyder, J. (2000). Authentic assessment of teaching in context. Teaching and Teacher Education, 16, 523 - 545.
  • Reviews “authentic assessment” in schools settings and uses in preservice for valid assessment of teaching.

Bell, P., Lewenstein, B., Shouse, A. W., Feder, M.A. (2009) Learning science in informal environments: People, places, and pursuits. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press.
  • Recent volume providing overview of the state of informal science learning in the U.S.